When I was a kid, I constantly was caught in embarassing situations. There was no way to avoid them. I kept my face to the ground and fucking blended in. I was even scared to wear bright colors and wore blah colors, black, beige, grey, and white. I might as well be scared of my own shadow as a child.

When I entered High School, I was finding my voice through swearing. My older brother swore all the time. Why I can’t I? I started swearing in front of my parents, peers, and other people. It just became apart of me and I felt more comfortable with my words and actions. Strange yes for a little lady, but I fucking loved the sentence enhancement for getting my point across.
Then College, I started to not give a shit about others thought of me. I could look someone in the eye and hold my own in any room. I was still fucking shy as shit and my face would totally be red.  I had fucking confidence. This swearing thing was making me feel good.

Now, married with kids in my thirty’s. My mind races with bullshit throughout my day. Fuck it…let’s start typing my stories. It felt like therapy. I will write about my childhood, family, school, kids, embarrassing situations, such as sharting my pants, and anything else I can think of to make you smile and forget the day.

I started a blog to clog your newsfeed on facebook, instagram, and emails. I hope you get a good laugh wherever you are in your day. Just remember, the grass is not greener anywhere…it’s definitely fucking brown.


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