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Hilary “Lighting It Up Blue” from her scooter!! Click on picture for link.

Light it Up Blue

for the month of April!

Hilary is my beautiful friend, who owns Dermure. Dermure is a clean, natural, handmade soap company based out of her own home in Naperville, IL. The moment Hilary started making her handmade soaps, shit took off and she never looked back. Not only does she create so many different handmade soaps, but also amazing scrubs, lotions, lip balms, and now candles!!! What? Hilary is unbelievably creative and amazing. You need to get to this person.

Last year, I asked Hilary to help me “Light It Up Blue” in honor of my son Tucker, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was humbled that she even said “yes”. I’ve never asked anyone to help me with my journey, with my son having ASD. She graciously sold her Blueberry Exfoliating Bar last year and donated proceeds to Autism Speaks on behalf of Tucker to “Light it Up Blue” the month of April. 

Did I mention she fucking rocks?

Now, Dermure continues to wow my family and put together an exfoliating trio (which are amazing for so many different reasons) Blueberry, Oatmeal, & Lemon Poppyseed Bar with a Light it Up Blue candle to help raise awareness for Autism the month of April. Order your gift set today and help us Light It Up Blue!

Thank you Dermure.



Light it up Blue Gift Set

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