Summer Job

Summer jobs!! I remember my mom telling me to get a job when I was in High School. For what? I was shocked. You mean, make money? I don’t even know how? After talking to some friends, they were in the same situation I was. Shit, fuck, piss...welcome to the real world. My friends and... Continue Reading →

Remote Learning and Autism

Oh what a year… March 2020 shut down was fucked up. Tucker was in a good place in school, achieving things academically, we were so proud of him. I couldn’t believe what he was capable of doing. Suddenly, we were all at home on computers, hand sanitizing, wearing face masks, and social distancing. Wow, is... Continue Reading →

And it’s Friday…

Shit, fuck, piss…made it to Friday! Chris is out of town for flight school. We have been surviving without our morning man. He gets our routine going everyday. I've got this...I can wake up. No, I fucking can't, I'm not a morning person! The kids and I slept in, now we are running out the... Continue Reading →


So many people are missing out on trips this year. I’m sorry for that…stupid, fucking, bitch licking, dick sucking Corona Virus...Ugh okay I digress...In all of the vacations, there’s always that one trip that you look back on and say WTF kinda of crazy was that?  Thirteen years ago, I asked my Best Buddy from... Continue Reading →

Joke Time

My kids and I have been telling some jokes lately. I had a major flashback to the first time I ever said my first dirty joke.  I got invited to my cousin’s house for a birthday sleepover. She was in 6th Grade and I was in 5th. I was excited, but beyond fucking nervous. I... Continue Reading →

Autism Month with Dermure

At Tucker’s two year annual check up with the pediatrician (June 2014). Our doctor stumbled upon a problem. Our son, had fucking lost his words. I didn’t noticed, because I had a newborn and a four year old during this time. I really didn't think anything was wrong. Her red flag went up and mine... Continue Reading →

White Hen

My mom was a stay at home mom with my brothers and I. She is a good mom. I look back at all the meals she made, the candy on the table, seasonal decorating, etc…she made our house a fun and loving home to grow up in. The days my dad took care of us... Continue Reading →

Cat Piss

Mr. Norton aka Mrs. Norton My parents, thought at first it was a boy and then found out it was a girl. Tragic death by crawling up the inside of my dads car and he drove away. YIKES! Yea that fucking happened. Misty and Mrs. Norton...meow. Misty Blinder than shit and ran into walls. Her... Continue Reading →

Summer Thoughts and just 14 of them…

Summer living… My family is having a great summer….the bullshit is nice too…keeps me humbled…or let’s be honest as a mom, I'm about to have a fucking meltdown.  Kids Fighting all the time.... Denny screaming...which is a norm in the house. Denny: "Patch hit me." Patrick: "He smacked me and then threw a cup of... Continue Reading →

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