Cat Piss

Mr. Norton aka Mrs. Norton My parents, thought at first it was a boy and then found out it was a girl. Tragic death by crawling up the inside of my dads car and he drove away. YIKES! Yea that fucking happened. Misty and Mrs. Norton...meow. Misty Blinder than shit and ran into walls. Her... Continue Reading →

Summer Thoughts and just 14 of them…

Summer living… My family is having a great summer….the bullshit is nice too…keeps me humbled…or let’s be honest as a mom, I'm about to have a fucking meltdown.  Kids Fighting all the time.... Denny screaming...which is a norm in the house. Denny: "Patch hit me." Patrick: "He smacked me and then threw a cup of... Continue Reading →

Denny’s conversations…

Conversations with Denny are somewhat stressful….I'm always worried what he will say at school or friends houses. People say, "oh he's a 3rd boy"...Really, he reminds me of Stifler from "American Pie". I don't feel it's a 3rd kid thing and more Denny just being Denny thing. That's what scares the shit out of me.... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Fucking Love…

The most therapeutic month of my life…April….Autism Awareness month. The time where I can reflect with an ugly cry, choke up with tears, catch my breathe, find myself crying on a happy day, and know that I will be alright. Tucker’s life has been beautiful, but the process has been fucking hard. When we found... Continue Reading →


Spring break is fucking here, I had a moment to reflect on something my brother and I did on vacation. Not a proud moment, but a holy fucking shit moment. We were visiting Nana after my grandpa passed in 1989. She was little off her rocker and escaped to Florida. Suddenly, she realized she was... Continue Reading →

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

What the fuck is take your daughter to work day?  Take your daughter to work day was an idea, Marie Wilson had for women in the workplace, starting in the early 1990's. It later was founded in April, 1992 by Gloria Fucking Steinem and the Ms. Foundation. The first day, was celebrated on was April... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are so fucking easy.... I actually love fucking January 1st. Gives me a moment to reflect on the year. Regardless of what happened in the year, you can always reflect on what was awesome or fucking wipe the slate clean. Like most people, I made a list of shit I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Hashtagged fucking blessed! ####

Everyday is a fucking blessing right? It’s been hard to find the time to type, when I have creative thoughts….I have so much going on….by the end of the day…I’m fucking cashed. I’m sitting on an airplane going to Vegas and pull out my computer. One should be hyped!! It’s my parents anniversary and my... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Shots

As school is starting to creep upon us. I reflected with my mom about the time, I had my kindergarten shots….it was tragic. Kindergarten is such an exciting time…Your not a baby anymore…Preschool can kiss my ass…You’ve made it to the big leagues…Your going to Elementary school!!! YES! I took the bus as a kid... Continue Reading →

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